Tattoos and Trends

Tattoos and Trends

Even though Tattoos and tattooing got a long history, in the recent past only, it had become a rage amongst youngsters, thanks to the influence of media, and the image of film stars and other celebrities, with heavily tattooed hands and back, they get to watch everyday on TV. Also, with the advent of internet, it has become lot easier for people to catch hold of a decent tattoo design or a tattoo artist and get the job done inside minutes. The advancements in technology have also helped to popularize tattoos worldwide.

As things stand today, virtually any image can be tattooed on one’s body. That is, these days, people even tattoo the names of their dear ones, in different languages, on their bodies, especially hands/chest. For example, David Beckham, the high profile English footballer, has the name of his singer wife tattooed on his left hand, in Hindi. Other than names, the favorite tattoo designs include various flower tattoos, crosses, dolphins, tribal designs influenced from various cultures worldwide, butterflies, stars etc, to name a few - find all kinds of tattoo designs here.

Among the popular tattoo designs, flowers, stars, dragonfly, zodiac signs are typically seen as female tattoos, while snakes, Celtics/Crosses, skulls, ambigrams, and scripts in Sanskrit/Chinese are usually preferred more by males.

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However, there are not hard and fast rules as to what tattoo is feminine or otherwise, and hence don’t get surprised to see a lady flaunting a skull tattoo on her right shoulder, or a Celtic cross on her lower back.

As mentioned above, one could find lots of tattoo designs in the internet, for free of cost. More complex and innovative new designs might come at a price though. But since tattoos are there to stay for the lifetime, it is not a bad idea to spend few bucks for an appealing tattoo design that will stand out in the crowd anytime.

Finding Tattoos

If you want a tattoo but dont know how your tattoo should look, it might be a good idea try some of the big sites about tattoos. That is simply one of the best ways to find good tattoo designs. It is always best to find a good design before you go to a parlor. There are so many different tattoos, and designs so be sure use some good time on finding a perfect one.

Also never get a fast new tattoo if your drunk. Tattoos can be art and should be treated with respect.  Oher good idea is going to sites, and apps where you can read reviews of tattoo parlors. The most popular review apps for iPhone, and Android phones most be this app here TatTap.

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